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Waste to Energy

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Welcome to AESL

AAPL Environmental Solutions Private Limited (AESL) is one of the latest and youngest in this form of industry. AESL offers integrated solutions in Municipal Solid Waste Management on a turnkey basis.
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Green Products

AAPL - Solid Waste Management Plant - Video Walkthrough

AAPL at Municipalika 2012 – Chennai | Photo Gallery

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

AESL Waste Management Partnership promotes the export of 3R (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) knowledge through close cooperation between all actors in the waste management chain.

Maintain Ecological Balance

AESL seeks ongoing cooperation between the public and private sectors to exploit opportunities for our businesses active in the waste management chain, and to contribute to a sustainable society to maintain ecological balance.

Quality Focus

We follow ISO-9001 QMS Standard Operating Procedures and we have taken up steps to implement The most important function of our senior staff is to ensure the quality of the work that leaves the office or is undertaken on site. We temper enthusiasm with experience to make sure it's right.

Work Force

We have a large pool of talented and trained Manpower at disposal. We encourage employees to put forward their new ideas in the challenging Industry. We encourage a work environment characterized by respect for the individual, a strong work ethics and client empathy.


Our customer's commitment is our commitment. Not only are the services provided by us are cost effective but also in line with the customer expectations and satisfaction level, hence we are able to get renewal and extension of the projects of O&M received by us.